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As pointed out earlier, Apple has done some key acquisitions the past year or so, not the least of which is Mateio (AR). Now buying a company can mean a couple of things. First, some companies are bought to be killed (especially if they are competitors). Other times the company is bought to get the people (i.e. brains). Other times, a product or service is the target, then folded into the parent company. In this case it appears that many of the acquisitions were for reason #2, and Apple now has a substantial VR/AR R&D effort going on. You didn’t think they were going to sit back and let FB, MS, and Google rule the roost, did you?

Maybe they’ll actually get it (more) right and VR/AR will achieve some elegance in the user experience. Or not – 50/50 odds based on some recent Apple products (*cough* battery pack cover).

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