Problem solving. It’s what I do. But before you can find an answer, you have to understand the questions. One advantage to a non-linear career path is exposure to lots of different challenges from lots of different angles. Every point-of-view can count. Do you need someone with a Caltech Ph.D. to work on your problems? Maybe. If they also are a musician, writer, technologist, philosopher, maker, you might get some interesting questions…and perhaps even an answer or three.


I spend a lot of time and energy looking at how and why things happen as opposed to just what. Being able to break a situation down into “first principles” allows creative solutions to build back up. Whether it is hardware, software, or people (and it is always about people), you need to get at why things are happening (or not), and what motivations are at play.


Between time as a protein engineer, chemistry professor, new media researcher, managing director, interactive media faculty, musician, photographer, FM radio DJ, slideshow producer, audio and recording engineer and producer, project director, senior leader, prototype developer, adjunct MBA professor, research faculty at USC School of Cinematic Arts, and professor at Pardee RAND graduate school of public policy, I’ve evolved a unique skill set and some creative perspectives on the world, both analog and digital. And I’m always looking to learn more. Check out some of my work, then if you’re curious, lets talk.


In this increasingly mixed reality world, there are no solutions, just emulsions.