the unbearable lightness of hacking

The saying goes that the military is always fighting the last war – meaning that their forces and planning for the next conflict invariably are influenced by previous actions. The problem is, digital has changed everything, and the idea of tank columns or even urban conflict probably need to be put on the back burner. For the current and future battle place, well, we’re already here.

Why occupy when you can influence hearts and minds with a few keystrokes? And this isn’t going to get any better – the internet of things guarantees that. We jumped into the deep end of ceding critical infrastructure to digital pipes and valves. Usually with good reason, but yin/yang always comes into play. The great features we get from digital provide an opportunity for mischief – or far worse.

Will map reading make a comeback after GPS is rendered useless by jammers or hackers? Only if the skill still exists in some of the population. I suppose maybe being an “analogman” might actually become a business opportunity.

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