With the Release of Oculus Rift, What’s Next for VR?

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The business of VR – and its backlash
“I think there will be an inevitable VR backlash this year as the devices make it out into the wild. The ‘gee whiz’ factor will only last so long, and then there will need to be meaningful or truly engaging experiences. I think there will be some backlash not just related to the content and experiences, but also the social/ethical issues, and especially sim sickness.

“With Google Glass, you had ‘Glassholes’ – people didn’t have the social norms worked out. The same will happen for VR and other AR stuff.

“I think the content will evolve quickly, and ‘experiences’ will get pretty good, though 2017 should be closer. Telling stories in VR is still in its very early stages and it will take awhile to sort that out.”

Director of advanced prototype development at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies