Why Are Millennials Already Nostalgic for Music from 10 Years Ago?

From LA Weekly:

Todd Richmond, professional musician and a director at the University of Southern California’s entertainment industry research center, Institute for Creative Technologies, expands on this idea, noting that the recent trend of accelerated nostalgia is partly due to the fast-paced nature of today’s digitalized culture. “We have faster access to news, information … everything’s been accelerated. So I think there’s been a compression in our desire for nostalgia.”


The feeling of nostalgia may not be unique to any generation, but Richmond says today’s millennials are experiencing it differently. The timeline between the music’s relevance and the moment we start to miss it is shorter than ever. “Whereas before, people might not have become nostalgic about their youth until their 40s or their 50s, these days, I think that’s happening a lot earlier,” he says. “So you’ve got people who are in their late 20s and early 30s, and now they’re nostalgic, because the digital world and social media has really compressed time.”

At this rate, there’s no telling how soon young Angelenos may be RSVPing to a nostalgic Drake-and-Rihanna-themed dance party. The early 2010s: those were the days.