Stroll in Mercury’s Sub-concious

From Zeit Online:

Several Pop have already tried the technique. The Weeknd has, for example, a video of his song The Hills published that combines 360-degree images and VR. Squarepusher and Björk have also been experimenting with VR. The Icelandic artist has early September an exhibition at Somerset House in London opens, where you can enjoy music from it in virtual reality. Soon to an entire album of her in VR appear. Todd Richmond, director of the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California holds the amalgamation of VR and music necessary: ​​”People use sound to get a feel for their environment, and this must happen in VR.” Nevertheless him many offers on the market currently disappoint due to poor quality. We find ourselves in an initial phase of virtual reality, in which the users were thrilled with many products, because they are still inexperienced with the new medium. “This phase will pass quickly,” says Richmond.