Disaster Response Training for Incident Command

The DHS TELL program was designed to be a federated set of systems to facilitate the training and exercise of incident commanders. Based upon the National Incident Management System (NIMS), TELL was envisioned as a key component in training managers of large-scale disasters at the incident command level that would use simulation to provide more efficient and effective training and allow incident commanders to experience situations and scenarios before they happen in the “real” world.

ICT was involved in a two-pronged approach towards this overarching system. First was through collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Sandia National Laboratory on their existing simulation-based training system (based on JCATS, a military computational model/engine). This project had the ICT using its expertise in storytelling and narrative along with visualization and production to increase the immersive and interactive value of the LLNL system. The second area was focused on core research in artificial intelligence (AI) to create examples of possible future technology applications within TELL. In addition, ICT is also helped to provide a broader look at possible ways to develop federated systems, and move towards creating proof-of-concept examples of these connections.


  • Create compelling and accurate training opportunities for incident command staff
  • Create new artificial intelligence models for simulations
  • Creatively use existing media capabilities in computer simulations

External Collaborators

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • Paul Carpenter
  • Sandia National Laboratories