A Matter of Scale – Scale Matters

Panel discussion at IEEE Vis 2017.

A Matter of Scale – Scale Matters
Friday, OCTOBER 6
Location: 101-ABC

Arthur Olson (Organizer), The Scripps Research Institute
Eduard Groeller (Organizer), TU Vienna
Alan M. MacEachren, Pennsylvania State University
Todd Richmond, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Claudio Silva, New York University

Contact: groeller@cg.tuwien.ac.at

Scale and scalability have been recurring topics in our field. Recent developments like smart data, machine learning, and advances in domains like biology, cartography, smart communities, and communication pose novel challenges to scalability and use of scale. Examples include support for scale-transparent visual computing, cross-scale visualization and interaction, massive multi-scale techniques, scale integration, cross-scale labeling and annotation, cross scales on structure and dynamics, and continuous scales.