3 Ways AR/VR Are Improving Autonomous Vehicles

From Robotic Trends:

By Todd Richmond, Director, USC Mixed Reality Lab  November 15, 2017

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VAMR) aren’t just for games and entertainment, despite what many think. VAMR will touch every aspect of our lives, from how we shop for clothes to the way we consume media.

Autonomous vehicles, another one of the most exciting disruptive technologies, will also be impacted by VAMR in several ways. Here’s a look at three ways VAMR is improving autonomous vehicles.

Simulated Testing Ground

Mixed Reality (MR) Prototyping will provide a safe testing ground for autonomous vehicles, which are yet to be perfected.  The Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Southern California (USC) has been using MR Prototyping to explore human-machine teaming; as of writing, the lab has successfully paired people with autonomous drones.

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