25 Innovators of VR

From Polygon

“As Todd Richmond, director of USC’s Mixed Reality Lab puts it, artists have a way of cutting through the BS. They don’t have to worry about selling something or making it profitable.”


“In 2009, Bolas founded the Mixed Reality (MxR) Lab and Studio with an initial goal of making head-mounted displays cheaper to build and disrupting the current state of HMDs, says Todd Richmond, the current director of the Mixed Reality Lab and Studio. And over the course of the next seven or so years, that’s exactly what the lab managed to do, churning out creations like the fold-up viewer in 2012, open sourcing designs for those viewers and helping out folks like Palmer Luckey and Nonny de le Pena.

Richmond says the lab “kind of declared victory” in the pursuit of affordable HMDs about a year ago, but continues to examine other things like haptics, audio in VR and light fields.

De la Pena tells Polygon that Bolas’ willingness to open up the lab to so many people was a big part of the success of VR during this generation. Richmond echoes that, adding that his push to rapidly prototype ideas also led to a steady flow of new VR hardware.”